The Brow Brush Bundle

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This bundle combines the three brushes you will need to create all styles of brows.

Brush number 11 is great for using wax and cream brow products and creating individual brow strokes, feathering and creating a new brow shape.

Brush number 15 is the ultimate brow brush great for applying powder. With an angled tapered point, the brush effortlessly creates sharp lines for crafting defined brows. Don’t be put off by this ‘larger’ brow brush, it will actually cut the time in half that it normally takes you to create ‘perfect brows’! *Disclaimer- Eyebrows are sisters, not twins!!*

Made with firm and precise synthetic bristles, Brush number 14 is the ultimate tool for shaping and combing the eyebrows. The strong spine of the brush can be bent and shaped however you’d like, allowing for effortless grooming to keep your brows
looking flawless all-day long.

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