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You asked and we’ve listened! We want to make shopping for makeup brushes as simple and easy as possible! If you are a beginner and don’t know where to start, look no further than this x4 piece brush set! A set of four basic brushes that will make simple eyeshadow looks easy! Head over to our social media to see videos using this set! When you by this bundle you’ll save 25%!

Brushes Included:

No. 3 – Brush number 3 is one of our most versatile brushes. Its slight curve and fluffiness makes it perfect for adding highlight under brows, applying metallic shadows across the lid and smudging shadows for blending. This is the ultimate beauty tool for creating iconic smokey eyes and is perfect to use with eyeshadow powders and kohl eyeliner. Our Smudger Brush applies, shades and blends eye colour along the lash line. The professional, short Vegan Synthetic bristles provide maximum cover control and is an absolute must for truly professional looking seductive cat eyes, sparkly lids and smoky effects.

No. 6 – Number 6 is widely used for applying darker colours to the outer corners of the eye due to its shape. It’s angle works to keeps the placement of your eye shadow in a flattering location and shows you which direction to apply your shadow. However, this angled eyeshadow brush is also perfect for seamlessly contouring your lid as it is suited to the natural contour of the eye. This brush works harmoniously with all types of eye shadow to apply and blend eye colour seamlessly.

No. 9 – Number 9 is the perfect blending brush for all powder based shadows. It has super soft synthetic bristles that mimic the feel of natural hair when you blend using circular motions to create professional eye looks. We recommend finishing every great eye makeup look off, with a quick number 9 blend for good measure!

No. 10 – Brush number 10, a detail shader brush is a small and dense eyeshadow brush which is perfect for detailed eye makeup work. Plus it’s fluffy texture makes it arguably the cutest brush in the 25-piece collection! It’s the ideal tool for accentuating the eyes with exquisite detail and sophisticated shading. Number 10 is an excellent choice for working eyeshadow into the inner corners of the eyes and to set special highlights to your eye makeup.


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