Beth specialised in Fashion on her course, Makeup for Media and Performance at Bournemouth University of the Arts, and graduated summer Class of 2017. Creating unique and innovative makeups with powerful and provoking meanings behind them is a passion and she hopes to use her skills to challenge stereotypes, be leading in trends and to help everyday people with the skills she learns from the makeup industry.

Beth has worked for a number of different makeup counters which is where her vast product knowledge was obtained from. These days she finds it hard to promote just one brand as she feels that there isn’t one brand that can offer it all. A non-bias, educated opinion is what she can offer you, developed from experimentation and experience. Working on makeup counters over the years, combined with the three years at university as enabled Beth to work on hundreds of different faces. Listening to her clients and problem solving with them is something she is very experienced at and will always offer multiple┬ásuggestions or solutions.