Product Recommendations

If you never know what to buy, and the growing number of products on the shelves confuses you, then get in touch for a personalised product shopping list. Then you’ll have faith that your money won’t be wasted on products that won’t work for you. As I don’t work for any brand, I am not gaining commission on anything I recommend. Therefore, you can count on me to give you a non-bias, educated opinion on what products will enhance your beauty regime.

Simply write to me on the contact page with the following details and for £10.00 I will send you a list of product recommendations, their price and the cheapest place I know of where you can buy them.

Make sure to provide me with these details:

  • Name
  • E-mail
  • Phone number (in case I need to talk through anything with you )
  • Age
  • Skin type: if you don’t know, just leave a short description of your skin.
  • Average spend on a makeup product?
  • Makeup ability: beginner, intermediate or experienced?
  • Finally, the products you would like recommendations for.
*Gift vouchers can be supplied on request.