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Our Raindrop Sponge is an applicator designed for applying and blending all formulas to create a perfectly flawless complexion. Regardless of the formula – powder, cream or liquid – this sponge applicator provides a controlled application and a flawless, airbrush finish with minimal product waste. The Raindrop Sponge is designed with a rain-drop point to fit into the natural curves and contours of the face. Once wet it won’t soak up and waste your product. It eliminates brush lines that traditional foundation brushes can leave and instead creates a smooth even base. Our Raindrop Sponge comes with reusable packaging allowing you to travel with your sponge and keeps it clean in your makeup bag. The packaging can also be used as a stand when wet, meaning it won’t pick up dirt and germs from resting on surfaces.


  • Wet the sponge until fully expanded. Fully squeeze and release 2-3 times and the sponge will double in size.
  • Release excess water by wringing it out or wrapping and squeezing in a towel.
  • Use the round surface to bounce and blend formula and the point for precise application.
  • After use, wash applicator with normal soap. Lather it up, then rinse under warm water. Then use the packaging as a stand and let it dry overnight.


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