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Normal Skin

‘Normal Skin’ is a term often used for ‘well-balanced’ skin. Yes I’m afraid to tell you guys but it IS a thing! Though very rare, there are some lucky people out there who can breeze through life with fairly ‘normal’ skin.

If this is you then this skin activity will sound familiar… 

  • You get out of the shower and your skin feels a little tight and uncomfortable. You put some moisturiser on and voila it’s back to normal. 
  • You feel a bit oily today, best skip the moisturiser for a couple of days. Voila your skin is back to normal!
  • You rarely get blemishes but if you do they are gone in a couple of days. A ‘normal cycle’ for a spot.
  • That time of the month? No worries, nothing changes.
  • Putting your makeup on is fairly easy and often your foundation gives you an even coverage regardless of the brand. 
  • Winter presents no problem for your skin.
  • Drinking more or less water makes little difference to your skin.
  • Face masks, scrubs and sun cream all leave your skin saying ‘nooooo problem!’

As unfair as it is, this skin type is by far the easiest to maintain. Sound like you? Well all I have to say is… good for you!! 

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