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A one-to-one makeup lesson is a great gift or even a great way to treat yourself!

In the lesson you can request what you would like to get clued up on! Great for Mums who don’t have time to go out and spend time at the makeup counters; great for people who haven’t updated their makeup skills in a while; and even teens embarking on their makeup journey!

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Our founder Beth Hawker has a degree in Makeup for Media and Performance and has spent years working on makeup counters, practicing on many different faces.

Ever tried learning how to do your makeup from a YouTube tutorial or a short Instagram video but it didn’t go very well? One YouTube makeup tutorial can’t even begin to cover all the different skin types and face shapes, so no wonder they can be tricky to follow, and viewers end up with varying results.

By having a makeup lesson one to one, Beth will tailor your experience entirely to your needs, preferences and budget. Some of the additional benefits…

  • Makeup lesson from the comfort of your own home; nothing is more intimidating than trying to learn a new skill in the middle of a department store.
  • Facetime, What’s App video chat, Skype, whatever method suits you!
  • Learn how to use all the makeup you already have; no pressure to buy all the products you’ve been shown.
  • Unbiased product recommendations; Beth doesn’t work for a brand, so can give impartial advice.
  • Need the kids in bed before you can get any time to yourself? Book in for whatever time suits you!
  • Receive a summary of your lesson in note form afterwards, so you can carry on practicing by yourself.

To book in for a time and date that suits, please email


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